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EV News

Why the Electrification of Cars is making headway

The electrification of cars is a hot topic and even this even without an internal combustion engine…

More and more DIY car owners and workshops are popping the bonnet to remove the petrol and diesel motors, fuel tanks, gearboxes, mufflers, and exhausts. They are substituting banks of lithium-ion batteries and tiny but potent electric motors for these oily, soot-covered components.

Electric Modding

EV conversion, or “electric modding,” is becoming increasingly popular despite it is still an expensive undertaking. Often, the electrification of cars is a chance to give cherished older models a fresh start — an opportunity to drive a classic car without the exhaust and reliability issues.

A lot of people love their classic cars, but don’t want the issues of internal combustion engines, but the new EV cars “are all the same” and people like something unique.

Mr. Macken

Some others believe that this transition is just the beginning and look forward to a time when conversions can be executed at a low cost and on a large scale. They predict that at least part of the gasoline-powered vehicles marketed now may eventually be switched to electric models.

What is the price of conversion and is it feasible for your car?

People haven’t been interested in EV conversions for many years. According to the Director of a Melbourne EV conversion garage Russ Shepherd, the change appeared to occur suddenly around the start of 2020. He continues, “We continued getting asked and asked and asked.”

These were individuals seeking “high-end adaptations,” not the typical hobbyists who “want to put a forklift motor into their Hyundai Getz. These clients seek a Tesla alternative with modern conveniences.

This little Datsun 1981 will continue it’s live as an EV

James Pauly from Caboolture, Queensland, was also observing a related event at the same time.

His modified VW Beetle started to attract a lot of attention at auto shows. Additionally, there were more EVs on the roadways. The future of autos was changed by a revolutionary device after a tipping point was achieved.

People are beginning to understand that EVs are serious and are here to stay, according to Mr. Pauly, who owns a company that converts EVs.

Which Car should you choose for Electrification?

Not all cars will be suitable for Electrification. It is wise that you take the weight of the car into account. If the chassis is already very heavy to start with, you will need extra battery capacity to compensate for dragging all that weight around. Do not think about just cutting some parts out of the chassis to make it lighter. That would not only be dumb, but also very unsafe. Some keep that weight issue in mind. A lot of legislation does also asks that the final EV Car will not weight more than stock…

There are still many cars to choose from and the VW Beetle / Big, Porsche 911, and 912 (sort of a fast Beetle…) are used quite a lot. Car’s from the 80’s and 90’s are a good choice since they have often have a good sturdy chassis and are still easy to work with due to the lack of extreme tech inside of them. Also the 70’s can be picked or ever older, but often the more luxurious cars, which tend to be produced to higher standards back in the day.

Will it be the Ford Cortina?
Or the Porsche 912?

The weight of the removed components of the combustion engine is often balanced out by the weight of the small lithium-ion batteries and the engine. A compliance engineer should be consulted before you begin, advises Mr. Macken. Soon, EV owners might be rewarded just for plugging their vehicles into a wall.

Historical and financial valuation is also an important factor. It might not be a good idea to remove the engine of a rare Porsche, but there are plenty of kits in the market that are a direct bolt-in. Cutting up a rare Per According to Mr. Pauly, who has converted three VW Beetles at his workshop and sold roughly 20 conversion kits with batteries and motor for owners to use, VW Beetles are a popular choice.

Electrification of Cars for Everybody?

The DIY plug & play conversion kits have the potential to significantly lower the cost of conversions, which are now out of reach for the majority of consumers. Numerous businesses, such EV West and Fuel2Electric, can assist you with this.

This development may significantly boost this area of the automotive sector. You really want to reach the point where customers can bring in a Range Rover and have it converted for less than $10,000 in a few days.

Nine EV-specialized garages in Australia and New Zealand have joined forces to form a “collaborative organization” in order to share information and save millions of ICE vehicles from being dumped in landfills. This coalition contends that as more people migrate to electric vehicles (EVs), it may become difficult to sell gasoline and diesel vehicles that are purchased today.

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions, governments may also promote the changeover to electric vehicles. Then, owners of vehicles with internal combustion engines would have to decide whether to convert them or scrap them.

This issue is already present for organizations that run fleets of specialized or customized cars (such as four-wheel drives fitted with unique wheels to ride on railroad tracks and which cannot be easily resold).

The owners of these vehicles have been told they must decarbonize, despite the fact that they have a useful life of up to 10 to 20 years.

Global Demand for Historic Car Electrification

Recently, a US business created a self-contained EV chassis that, according to the company, is made to fit practically any historic car and would drastically speed up the conversion process.

David just invested in The British Lunaz
Tony Hawk with his EV Corvette by EV West

Additionally, interest in the UK is rising. An electric Rolls-Royce can cost up to 500,000 British pounds ($925,000), and former player David Beckham has invested in a high-end electric automobile conversion company Lunaz.

So, are you convinced that you should start with the electrification of that car of yours?


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