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The 5 Best Complete DIY EV Conversion Videos

Like you, we are also getting more visual-oriented by the minute. Watching is the new reading some would say and therefore we provide you with a very nice list of EV Conversion Videos to get you inspired and converting yourself! Grap the popcorn.

1. George’s “$1000 Lunchbox” EV Conversion

The first video we have chosen is quite a basic kind of video. George will take you step by step into a simple EV conversion of a budget $1000 car. Doing so, you can really see how it is done and that you do not need a huge budget. Simple = good and therefore we selected this video for you today.

2. Electric Classic Cars’s VW Beetle EV Conversion in 1 Day

Not only in 1 video, but also in 1 day. The must be the quickest amongst EV Conversion Videos on the web and it is done by the renowned and super professional Electric Cars Classic from the UK. We did have a small write-up about the Beetle as well in an earlier blog that you can find here.

Obviously, there went a lot of preparation into this Beetle, but still, it is as complete as can be and we love to share a video from a highly professional angle as well.

3. Electric Stealth Bike Ducati EV Conversion

Ha! Did not expect to see a bike here, right? We opt for this video because it is another view on EV Conversions and is also super simple to comprehend. Motorcycles are pretty nice to work on because they are light, small, and cheap. With limited space and tools, you can work on them from home (without a garage). The basics will be the same and therefore we select this full build Video. What do you think about this EV Ducati?

04. A 3 Days & $3000 EV Conversion from an Engineering POV

We came across this small channel (give them some love) and thought their video was set up pretty nicely. They really elaborate on the story behind this EV Conversion and especially from an engineering point of view. We love these kinds of EV Conversion Videos and they make the process very easy to understand. It could take away a lot of doubts when you are thinking about doing this yourself!

05. Mini Cooper Series by Rich Rebuilds

Some like the guy, and some don’t. Undoubtedly he has done a LOT for the EV Community by hacking up Teslas and restoring them as well. He brings his viewers a fresh dose of corny humor and this makes it more approachable for many to tackle an EV Conversion themselves.

Sit back and relax for a few hours of the Mini Cooper EV Conversion by Rich Rebuilds.

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