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Need an EV Conversion Course?

An EV Conversion Course is just whipping out that oily engine and throw in some batteries and an electromotor. Right? We know, when you even start to think about an EV Conversion, you can get a bit overwhelmed. The idea is awesome, but how do you start? What is safe? What isn’t? What kit do you need? Do you even need a kit? Well our friends at Fuel2Electric can help you out for not even a 100 bucks! You are not alone in this and their EV Conversion Course is the first tool you should have use.

Since we came across this Fuel2Electric EV Conversion Course we thought you should really take a look at it.

Starting with a car project could be a daunting thing to do and all the hurdles could demotivate you beforehand or during the project. If only there was an EV Conversion course for a ridiculously low amount….

So, if you’ve been considering it; let’s move forward with it!

Fuel2Electric offers their “My EV conversion project” tool so you can define your own EV conversion project based on your needs, limitations, and expectations.

Following your “My EV conversion project” order, we will guide you through:

  • The definition of your project and expectations
  • The publication of your project online
  • The comparison of the estimates you will receive from vendors and experts
  • The orders management
  • The tracking of your progress until you hit the road

All in all a welcome setup to spark up that project!

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