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How To: EV Car Conversion in 7 Steps

Can your current car be transformed into an electric vehicle via an EV Car Conversion? The engine, petrol tank, and exhaust of your ICE vehicle must all be removed in order to install an electric car conversion kit in their place. However, there are a number of measures you must take first. Below is a detailed discussion of the steps. Middle Post Heading

Step 1. Obtain Knowledge & Tools

Click here for a lot of info and tools. You’ll require some standard hand tools in addition to a few electric-car-specific specialty ones to work with electricity which could be SUPER DANGEROUS!! . You can find all of these tools online or at your neighborhood hardware shop. You should also know what you want as a result of this conversion. You want range? Power? Lightweight? All good questions to have an answer to beforehand.

Step 2. Remove all the ICE components

All of the other fluids that the engine is linked to, as well as the transmission, must be disconnected. When converting a vehicle, removing the engine is typically one of the most challenging steps. However, once the engine is gone, you can begin installing the electric motor after cleaning your engine bay. The EV Car Conversion has started!

Step 3. Get that Electric Engine in and start the EV Car Conversion

Typically, this is the coolest step in the conversion procedure. The motor needs to be fastened in place (transmission, motor mounts, clutch, etc. before being connected to the batteries. All the wiring should be mounted correctly and if you are not sure, please ask for advice. A lot can go wrong here, so take care.

Step 4. The Controller

The controller manages how much electricity is sent to the motor. It must be mounted in an easily accessible location, such as on the dashboard. The cables from the controller to the motor must then be connected.

Step 5. Extra Hardware

Take your time to look at the current hardware such as brakes, the clutch, axles, and suspension. They could be old, faulty, and underperforming.

Step 6. Testing

After everything has been installed, you should test it out to make sure everything is operating as it should. You’re good to go if everything appears to be operating properly. You should test it step by step. Do not maximize all at the start. Take it step by step to see how everything is holding up.

Step 7. Enjoy

Enjoy the silence, the power, the reliability, and perhaps even some dragstrips or fat burnouts.

For those who aren’t ready to make the investment in an electric automobile, conversion kits appear to be a realistic alternative to the pricey electric vehicles. Despite the claims, though, automakers are not entirely sold on these kits. Their influence with the original components is a possibility. Therefore, it is always advisable to talk to a knowledgeable specialist before making a final decision.

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