EV Conversions

EV Conversions are coming

EV Conversions are a bit different, right? It is pretty common to drop a big ‘ol performance V8 or a nice and spicy jdm 4 or 6 banger in your project. We know, we have done this as well. It is a lovely process to rip out that dirty, slow engine and to mount a fresh powerhouse.

You gotta love that anticipation on whether it will start and how it will sound and perform. The process keeps you awake at night and takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions. The good, the bad, and the ugly, because stuff will brake… Axles, clutches, and once in a while some knuckles….

Times are changing

However, times are changing, fuel is getting more expensive, and the performance potential of EV engines is getting ridiculous, which does tempt us to step into the world of EV Conversions. Don’t just say goodbye to your trusty ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) just yet though.

It still loves you, so let’s take it step by step and see whether ICE can tempt you as well. The fun fact is that if you improved the performance of the entire car; like brakes, suspension, etc. You are already pretty close to your first EV Conversion….

EV Conversions started mostly out with a Tesla engine swap to get that real performance down. You can only get a Tesla engine from a wrecked car…

A Californian expert Stealth EV supplied Tesla parts to the tuner who is presently performing the conversion. This consists of, for instance, the entire model S P100D rear subframe as well as the electric drive, axles, wishbones, and even the braking system from Tesla Motors.

Over 500 horsepower are produced, and it is unnecessary to describe how difficult the modification was. No Tesla component, after all, just fits into a used Supra. Not the enormous 90 kWh Model S battery in particular. For improved weight distribution, some of the cells ended up in the trunk where the 2JZ was previously mounted.

The Local Guys

At the same time, you see that many “local guys” are starting to make solid kits for all sorts of cars. An easy target is the VW Bug and its flat bigger brother, the Porsche 911. Both these cars have a drop-down rear-end, which makes it easier to work with when it comes to setting up a solid EV rear-end, mostly as a Tesla EV Converted powertrain.

Their super comprehensive kits let you keep ripping those Squarebodies, Caddi’s, and other 911’s, however this time with some extra batteries in there… These local guys are often found in the USA, but the UK is also very active in this. The UK has a great number of “petrol” heads and they like to go fast on dirt and tarmac.

The Ford Eluminator Crate Engine
The GM EV Crate Engine

After the war

After WW2, people started to look for excitement, and they found it in building crazy cars, called HotRod. More power and less weight. Something that also fueled the CafeRacer motorcycle scene and is DNA in the world of racing. Which makes it clear that the HotRod scene is not cooling down a bit when it comes to creating crazy fast vehicles.

Our weapon of choice is moving from Hot to Cold. From Explosions to Buzzing sounds. From Hotrod to ColdRod…
Follow us on the road towards EV Conversions. If you can keep up…..

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