EV Conversion Marketplace

Welcome to our EV Conversion Marketplace. This is a spot for those who are interested in selling their EV Cars and Projects, but also for those that are inspired and in the market for such EV offerings.

What we offer

We offer a trustworthy place for us EV Conversion enthusiasts to sell and buy EV Cars. We offer this platform for free for consumers and for small businesses.
Our blog draws a lot of traffic and educates & inspires many. Therefore, this is the right spot to get that attention for a sale.

How Does It Work?

Just push the BIG Blue Button below and an Email screen should open to coldrodcom at gmail dot com (we use Gmail because of the huge & safe inbox needed concerning pictures)

What We Need

If you send us data about the car you would like to sell, on our EV Conversion Marketplace.

Please make sure it is complete and appealing data.

We love to receive the following (just copy/paste the list below in your email)

  • Name
  • Contact details Email would mostly suffice, but you are free to share what you want
  • LocationCountry, State, Province
  • Brand / Model / Year of the Car
  • Status – Done, Project, etc… Please elaborate a lot.
  • DIY or Done by Company? – Elaborate
  • Engine Specifications – Power, state, brand etc.
  • Battery Specifications – Power, state, brand etc.
  • Other drivetrain alterationsBrakes? Axles? Wheels
  • Parts list (with brands) – Controller, BMS, Wiring brands, doesn’t matter. Share it!
  • Photos4 – 12 would do just fine
  • Social Links – If applicable, you perhaps have a Youtube or Instagram account with extra content
This could help
But close-ups like this as well

What’s it in for Us?

Coldrod.com is a community blog and we generate income via advertising (in general) and different entities like machined4you.com, where we help people with machining and creating cool parts. Also car parts…..