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Alfa Romeo Montreal EV by _kit_core

Please, pretty please, Alfa Romeo. Produce this awesome Alfa Romeo Montreal EV design made by _kit_core, because we want one yesterday. Kit Core is an artist who designs the most outrageous cool cars on the gram, so let’s tackle one.

1967 Alfa Romeo Montreal by www.alfamontreal.info

Alfa Romeo Montreal History

The Montreal is a two-seater sports car from 1970s Italian Alfa Romeo. At the Geneva Motor Show, the car had its world premiere in 1970, three years after a similar prototype was shown at the 1967 World’s Fair in Montreal.

Equipped with a 2593cc eight-cylinder engine, a milder version of a competition engine by the way, the car was good for 220 horsepower. The V8 had two overhead camshafts per cylinder row and an injection system from Spica. All this was mated to a five-speed ZF gearbox. The car was delivered in 1971 at a cost of 41,225 guilders.

The bodywork was designed by Marcello Gandini, who was working for the Bertone design firm at the time.
The Montreal featured air intakes behind the doors. These were intended for the rear-mounted mid-engine with which the prototype was equipped. Eventually, the production model did place the V8 at the front, but for styling reasons, the intake vents were retained.

To improve handling at high speeds, a spoiler was fitted to the lower front of the car as standard soon after its introduction. This was at the urgent suggestion of the Dutch Alfa importer to the factory. Despite disappointing sales figures, the car remained in production until 1977. The last two years of production served only to use up the large stock of parts. A total of 3925 Montreals were produced.

The Montreals are now regularly offered as enthusiast cars, for (still) relatively low amounts. Important, however, is the condition of the engine; a total overhaul can be more expensive than the entire car cost new at the time.

The Montreal by Kit Core

Let’s move away from the past an fast-forward to the future. Let’s meet Kit Core, a virtual artist better known online as _kit core, who recently took on a rendering design challenge and then elaborated on the EV topic. The outcome is an incredible redesign of the Alfa Romeo Montreal sports vehicle.

While maintaining its vintage appearance, this reimagined Montreal has a totally smashed atmosphere, a sculpted widebody stance, and some radical aerodynamic components. There is no doubt that this vehicle is as current as they come. Take note that the cap at the back is for charging, just so you know.

Would this Alfa Romeo be something for you or would you like a more noisy Alfa Romeo EV? For now, indulge yourself in this beautiful creation by Kit Core.

Sources: https://www.autoevolution.com & https://www.instagram.com/_kit_core

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